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As the name suggests, we are everything creative!

Kalaeco provides everything you need from opinion articles, poetry, short movies to customized merchandises.


For all those literature enthusiasts we have Literaura, where we have articles from burning topics related to politics, to the latest trends in fashion and what not!


For the movie buff in you, we present Swudzy, everything related to Cinema! Short movies, web series. You name it! We have it.


Struggling to get publish your book? We are here to end your struggle, we publish all kind of books be it fiction or non-fiction. And guess what? you don’t need to pay for it.


This is not it! We also have our Merchandise store! For all those who love customised products, based on Cinema and Literature, your search ends here!


You roam around and wonder what to wear/use that meets the trend! It’s a never ending rush to choose best where things get outdated too often. Can we simplify it for you? Let us make the trend! Your niche of love must be films? Wait,may be books! Literature right? We create for you then! We don’t chase what’s out there. We make content that is definitely going to meet your poetic tastes and class. Apart from t shirts, you get stylish printed mugs, phone back covers, mouse pads and so on!

Our dedicated team develops content that portrays your cultural taste, your poetic spurs and your filmy fantasies. We mainly develop quality write-ups in our other two websites ‘Literaura’ and ‘Swudzy’ where our 100% original creations make your stuff wiser! Our website produces merchandise with majorly new and unique quotes that you won’t find anywhere else. Our source of inspiration is devoted to the genre poetry, literature and films. Well don’t like ours? Why not make your own. Share with us your idea, sell your unique write-ups, you will get you royalty! Want to know more. Contact our team. Happy shopping!


The articles you find on the internet are many, but none of them shall be like the ones you find on literaura! Literaura gives voice to the Youth of India. The content on this site is bi-lingual i.e. in two languages English and Hindi. It has articles related to politics, lifestyle, fashion etc. It also has short poems and prose too! This platform is looking for aspiring writers who can create good content. There is absolutely NO age barrier for it! YES! It is open for all!

For the filmy fandom, by the filmy fandom! Movie appreciations, short movies, and exciting web series. We have it ALL! If you’re an actor or producer looking for a good script or a director looking for a platform to give wings to his/her ideas, Swudzy is perfect for you!


Got any favorite quotation from literaura? Liked our work from Swudzy? Now you can get it on phone cases, t-shirts, dairies, mouse pads, cups etc! We provide all customized products at very reasonable prices! Make sure to check this amazing site!
Many times people and then struggle to get their publish. It is because of the distance created between book publishers and writers via higher publishing charges and already established authors. We are here to remove that gap.


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